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i moved where my heart had drifted off to long before. i live on a hill of hundred acres, where my dreams have merged with the view. it is quiet from machine noises yet loud with sounds of horses, dogs, cats chickens and ducks. nature is the true artist in resident and i am just her apprentice who often gets lost in her gaze. once and a while i travel back to cities and foreign places to put into photographs what i have learned, yet always, part of my heart is left on the hill..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

today i look out

the way the sun hits the chair
the way the house is filled with your scent, my dear tree
the way your snow pants keep me warm and how funny your boots look on my feet
the bright light that comes from the snow glistening snow
the sounds they all make when i open the barn door, good morning dear folks
the shivers i get as the wind finds an opening through the house, burrr
the way i promise myself to get some sleep, but all the things that keep me awake
the icicles that are pointing down, that remind me of edward scissor hands
the music that plays and has my hips sway

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i am having a meltdown. a mixture of anxiety and fear. i am trying to be myself through this holiday season.
see we do not spend hours in line at the mall anymore but understand the ones that do. we gather things from the forest to decorate our home with. we bookmark recipes that we must try and have chats by the fire about what we hope christmas would be. we dream of both sides of the family joining us here for a day at the farm with sleigh rides, good food, warm fire and maybe if weather allows it snow angels and men. not everyone feels that such things are enough- but why i wonder, why can't we just have moments uncluttered by things, ones that may just out live the things, why can't we just give the gift that can not be bought!(cliche maybe)

oh maybe i melting down because i have not been outside in three hours( to long for me) i should go now clear my head.

* update, the walk did the world of good, nature is magical she reminds of how lucky i am everyday.

Monday, December 14, 2009


sometimes my heart beats faster than usual when my eyes deceive me and i see you in my in box sometimes tears mix with my smiling lips when i hear the piano played so wonderfully.
sometimes life is just right, so where it has to be that i feel happy, young, like a girl learning it all again. sometimes i steal moments of bliss , afternoons, nights as i put those thoughts to rest i sometimes think my eyelids have been kissed!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

dear mike

i have been whispering this to you everyday. it is all i think about. i am so sorry for the discomfort i have caused. it is not tolsoy fault. you see we did not do it right, i did not listen to my gut but instead to people with big egos who did not do it the right way but instead they did it their way. I know i am taking care of you but i know you liked it the way it was and all though it will never be exactly the same it will be good again very soon.

you see tolstoy was in a line and was going to be slaughtered. he was in line to be a piece of meat on someones plate for someone in a foreign land, ones that are not foreign to me canada and japan two places i have loved dearly but i can not understand at this time. so you see he was in line being sold to the highest bidder "the meat guy" but he was saved because someone stopped it put their hand in their pocket pulled out a few dollars and saved him. he is here now, and i know it was shocking but it was not his fault, and i have been fighting to keep him here, he is loving and gentle but scared like you. it was not his fault but mine for not speaking up. mike everyday, three times a day i find you and clarabelle you come to me with so much love even though you have been banned by the pecking order (tolstoy) you come to me and i see how grateful you are and it touches me so.

at dusk today the air was so calm and warm. the sky was doing it's thing and you came to me and gave more love that i could have ever imagine possible from an animal (and most humans) and i cried all the way back to the house how is it that i have disrubt your life and yet you still take care of me...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


if only my heart would purge some of what took place. even writing now i fear that it will hear my relief and quickly inhale me back into what seemed as the darkest of hours( two weeks really). i will say no more yes i still fear it, still do not believe it is over. i am a deer standing still in the headlights and making a run for it in the dark.

Monday, November 16, 2009

how is it that we are giving sarah palin
even more than the fifteen minutes of fame she has already stolen??

maybe it's just me..

Monday, November 2, 2009

cold, the sun comes and i am warmed

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

falling rain

i heard it faintly in the wind, the way you used say my name. have you whispered it lately. i shall believe not, for once i was called fickle i protested not, even though it hurt the very core of me when you said it for at that moment you knew me not. I now understand the little pieces that come to me when-you spoke to me it was as if you were speaking to yourself, for dear man you are fickle, my mistake is that there was no face to my love just one that was made out trees, falling rain and birds that sang beautifully, i have not lost those things, they exist always in me, for me, never ending is the chapter that i wrote with my pen and invisible ink..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a pot

as i write i stare unto the pastures lined with trees of every color. at times the wind plays making the leaves look like falling snow flakes. meringues bake in the oven and the rays of sun are piercing through the kitchen window. so why am i feeling like i might boil over

Saturday, October 3, 2009

calling out

it is the rain that brings me home to that place deep within me. it is easy to think of the past with a mixture of sadness, it only take a minute to stir emotions that for a long time laid dormant. it is strange when everything outside slowly begins to die and ready itself for the stillness of winter, my heart decides to beat harder as if calling out to me, i am here, i am here, i am here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so my eyes barely close. my eyelashes never travel down. i am sleepy.
ask me how long it has been and i would say something like eternity.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

quiet night

this morning you were loud, you stole the moment from me. when i am walking our long drive way in the darkest of nights, be kind enough to keep the light on for me. we have been in our new home for two weeks now, how is it that you do not know what door to lock does it not feel like home to you.., i am cranky- perhaps because you stole the quiet moment under the stars...or perhaps because you will not be coming home tonight, again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

loving this

Thursday, September 10, 2009


the changes have come quickly as if i am looking through the window of a passing train.
so much has changed. i am afraid that it is not here to stay. please let it stay.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

crime and punishment

i have been reading crime and punishement. it is dark and cold and everynight i am left with the same
feeling. do i have to finish it? how did i make through it once before? why is he so familiar to me. oh
how i hate a great bad, bad book trully do i have to finish it?

Friday, August 14, 2009

a long stare

he was afraid to call out her name . he stood at the gate as she picked up the falling branches. he remembered everything about her now and he begun to shake he put his hand on the gate to steady himself. she noticed him their and slowly walked further away from where he was. she whispered his name and followed it with never again. there was someone new now, he could never come close to the kindness of this man. he had not been replaced but forgotten as he had hoped to be and if that was not the case every action proved other wise. she was surprised by her strength and how all the work had not failed her now she even paused to remember one moment of bliss but nothing came she had exchanged every happy memory for ten of the bad ones she had done a good job infact she had secretly thanked him for his cowardliness and for her own child stupidity. he knew now that she had seen him, he was sure that she would walk to him but soon he realized that it was best if he never came to her again something he had failed over and over again never being able to put her first and even though she had changed and did not even look the same for she had aged in such a short period of time covered her thin frame with more flesh then had been before.. he took one last stare but he cold not see her as she was but as she had been that day through the window. she did not look back again as she walked into the house.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the reader abandonned

there i was deep into the night my-living room feeling large like an armory, they left me. harry, penelope, charlotte they went off and lived happily ever after and did not turn around to see if i wanted to come along. It is as it always was for me and i am sure for many of you a time where you are coming close to the end of a book where you start to feel sad, not sad for the characters but for yourself somehow they invited you into their lives without objection. you smelled their cigarette as they lit it, you admired there dress you even swear you could taste the scone they where about to devour. you also cry for them and try to warn them. even when the book is put down you still think about them and can't wait to get back to them and you do. the end of the book always seems like the beginning of there lives without you in it...

Monday, August 10, 2009

the river

it took along time to get back to it. before we had even turned the ignition on in providence i was already on the kenebec. as we traveled down the turnpikes and the kids giggled in the back i knew that i was drifting. I had waited, wanted it, for far too long now. the scene played in front of me during bad days like a carrot and now i knew i would catch up to it.

we pulled in and i could barely wait for the car to stop, i was out. i hardly noticed the darkness. i pulled the tent out of it's bag and set it up at records pace, i heard nothing saw no one thought of nothing except what i came here to do. before i knew it i started to take off my clothes and as they fell onto the rocks, the kids and my husband stood in amazement "what are you doing" i heard someone say but i could not even take a moment to answer. i walked towards the moonlit river walked without hesitating till i was completely emerged, it was cold just as i imagined it. just how i needed it to be..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i can not believe i am doing this again
memories from the last time seem as if only yesterday
there is evidence of the last time everywhere i look

can this be happining again, i guess so.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


when sadness knocks on the door loudly, i turn on the music that played when i was happy. when sadness wants to take me out, i put on the prettiest dress and my big bad boots. when sadness wants to run me under the covers i bring a good book.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

one long breath( opera)

can i tell you about the opera and how it makes me feel. can i do my emotions justice when i tell you how much i am inspired, inspired- what does that mean? to do what i wonder, because as the very first note is released into the air, i feel as if shall never leave the theater, that right here in this chair i shall take my very last exhale.but before i do my heart will take me around the room and into the stories of my own life i will dive in and i will cry. as she speaks to him in one long breath a hundred faces will come to me. and just when i think i can bare no more of her agony her voice will turn towards the sky and it will remain hanging in heavy air until someone terrified of what they have felt disturbs the perfect dark silence with an applause and then another.

Monday, July 6, 2009


...slowly she begins to live in the past. the funny thing about that is that she was not able to remember most of her childhood, except for small things. the color of her swimsuits, the taste of tiger tale ice cream, the caterpillars she would collect while riding her bike, the boy with the fish tank full of little frogs that she felt the need to liberate those where good things. once and a while a small rush of bad things would come to her, she would face them head on for a minute or two then feeling her fist fill with anger she would shut the door tight shaking her head as if she was trying to have those memories fall out of her, . slowly she found herself lingering in certain memories, she was reliving the ones from the last few years more than any other but this time she toke out all the painful moments and replaced them with all the what ifs she had gathered through out the years.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

ted hughes

surely there has been a mistake. i am not from now.
but from then, a time when we introduced ourselves with our full names.
where we rode our bikes to our destination with ease. a time when he said “hello” and it’s weight alone would send you floating for days, nights and days again. where we danced because that is the only way we could touch, so we danced a lot. my memories of such time are not mine, they are borrowed from those who where there then and then was their now. a time where you could hear the screen door snap back as you ran out the house with your lips tainted raspberry.

i would have not married ted hughes, but would have surely been smitten and would have held on to his words till they fell into the library sink. yes, i could feel you trying to interrupt me while you read this. you wish to tell me that not all those times i would have liked and i understand. i thought about it as this came to me this evening and i know with that which is good comes things that are bad but i asked myself, what bad would i have taken for those memories to belong to me, to be mine, to have had the raspberry wiped from my lips by his mouth..

how can that be answered truthfully.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


taking a walk in my minds path. stumbling.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

hardly at all.

do i think about it. i think about it.
a little. just a little. only sometimes. very little.

most of the time i just remember that somehow i could see
myself in away i had never before. my smile i think about my smile. smiling.
i could feel it deep within my cheeks sent from my heart to my lips.
but like i said, very little. hardly at all. sometimes i think about the rain and thunderstorms. most of time i remember the pain. so much of it that if my job was to shovel it i still be digging out of the dirt. wait i am. like i said just a little. very little.

i remember i though i was pretty. but just a little, hardly at all. i remember the happier i was the paler i became. thinner. but only sometimes. i remember the conversion machine that existed within me. you said pretty things and i converted them to what they really were. little. only all the time well except when the machine started to slow down, then i held on to those words that meant very little. then they became big. BIG and BLINDING. but it all meant very little. so you see hardly at all. never really. only sometimes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


he knelt down and took her hands in his,. he could not stop the tears no matter how hard he tried, she weeped. she could not help but think how did this happen, how did he not grow old along side of her. he desperately tried to make her pain go away, he
put his lips to her ear and sang to her down by the bay as he rocked her back and forth. slowly her lips stopped quivering. his shirt drenched by her tears now, he laid her down and continued to sing to her till her eyes closed till and her hands tightened around his..

Monday, June 22, 2009

the lump in my throat grows bigger with every letter
i press on the keyboard. the world wants to change, it is crying out
and some people can only try to stop it with violence, blood and egos
i wish i could scoop out the ego within these men who get validation
in surpressing the growth and needs of others.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

woman without a face

i think i am not good at it. i try. but it is hard. would it be okay if i was the woman without a face. would you mind terrible if i surrender to failure. i don't think there is much happiness that will come from knowing me. ask the others the ones who turned away. I am writing this and if you think i am sad, no, no i am not. there is something that comes from knowing my weaknesses and my worth in this world, knowing it make's it better then pretending that i weigh more than i do. wait i do weigh more than i think i do, so while i become the woman with no face is okay if you take my body too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ugly ego

i want to hold the rain in my hand. i want it to not melt away and run down my arm. I want to kick a pudlle and i want it it hit something, someone- yes i have said it. egos are so big that the one's that hold on to them above there shoulders do not know what a mess they make.

no better than her or him you can not take your words and make them weigh a thousand pounds and believe that you will not crush anyone one with them. I wish i spoke a foreigh tongue of witches so i can lay a curse upon you, not one to destroy you you have done that yourself but one to build you into a better human being or just human. wait i know you walk around thinking that you are already there that is what troubles me and those who know you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

notes drift me away

i am listening to it- the music. i am getting lost in it's notes, going too far. It is playing for me and i am wanting it's waves to carry me away. I love the piano. love it so much i am afraid i will pull out the anchor and drift. I know now that i am scared. scared of both outcomes so i stay there on the dock that sways slightly from side to side- that is all i can afford to risk.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


the other day while you were gone, sadness and fear came over me. a thought moved me to tears. i swirled that thought between my lips, trying carefully not to swallow. everyday i am near you is a day closer to being without you. is that true i wondered, i tried to look at it closer. a math equation. i stood up and sat back down. i dried tears as they fell. this is wrong i said to myself. why does it feel so sad i asked. why does it feel so sad.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

the envelop

as she reached her hand in the mail box and pulled the envelops out, there it was she was sure of it. she entered back into the house and laid the bundle on the table. she ran upstairs, made the bed and put away her clothes. she was running, ignoring. she came back down and as she passed it she could feel it call out to her and just then she called out to the dogs " let's go out". she lingered and strolled but she could not slip away from what she knew was waiting for her inside. she opened the door once more and unleashed the dogs, she ran her hands under the water bringing her cold wet hands to her face, she let the towel fall to the ground. it felt as if she was counting the steps to the letter. she picked it up, examined it closely then ripped the envelop. there it was laid out in graphing detail what she would be experiencing, charts, pictures, it was to be more difficult than she thought. no where on those pages was it written how she would feel, how if her heart was to be broken how long would it take to mend, could it mend? would it mend? she place the pamphlet back into the envelop and walked to the table, this time she opened the drawer and place it inside as she whispered to herself "monday i shall know what i might not wish to know".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the train took her

i wonder sometimes when i lost her? as if that day my eyes were filled with tears that i became blind to what direction the train took her. I hardly remember anything about her. the clothes that hang all over the house don't even trigger the faintest of memories . she is gone. in my attempt to make her stronger i scared away. sometimes i think i hear her, in a passing giggle or a sigh but no nothing, for she was silenced by my naive ways.

Sometimes it feels like i am following her but how could that be i left her behind, kicked up dirt in her face. confused she sat on that train and now the train is gone and no one is looking for her, not even me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


my family. ours. this is a happy sight.
this is okay by me. this is who i live for.
and that is where my bliss comes from.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i am big in the city

but somehow while tenting on the ocean are walking up the mountain i do not think about it. my lungs fill themselves so much with clean air, my skin constantly exposed to the elements, my toes wet with sand i forget how much i weight. Perhaps it is the fact that there is no roof, no car to tell me how much space i take, that somehow i believe i am not that bad. average. Perhaps it is the casualness of a wardrobe how you end up living in it for a few days that it becomes skin, nothing tight or rough and confining. in the city everything is different for me. i remember, do you remember dear friend? the fancy shoes and dresses, the jeans with the simplest of white shirts. I am no longer comfortable in my own skin. i learning to like what is on the inside, but the outside not so much.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i am laying down, air and a thin layer of plastic separates me from the wet ground. i can not sleep tonight, that is nothing new except for i am cold. i look at the dogs covered in fur and he next to me that snores, he is not cold. i pull the zipper of my sleeping bag but i have long ago reached the end. i move around and even stretch, i am still cold. i begin to wish the morning would come but in the same thought i think how if it does he will be gone so i stop wishing. for i have learned that with every wish come true another unforeseen thing is taken away. i am not to be trusted in these matters anymore, so i stop wishing. curled up now in the fetal position i do the only thing i know how, go to that place in my mind. i am warm there in fact i am on my knees, my hands and fingernails full of dirt. the garden looks good, it should i have gone there many times. a voice a sweet voice calls out to me "maman can i help you" smiling now i will no longer wish or think of wishing for morning
i like it here....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

making progress

sometimes it takes a very long time before you can even move an inch, spiritualy. many hours our spent asking yourself questions, working a hard to find the answers and eventually answering some of them. sometimes your pace slows down to a near stop in the name of self preservation. then other times you can move miles in the shortest of times, as if much of the time was taken revving the engine of your heart then the time it has taken to travel the distance.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


today i stretched my arms so high that i pierced through the false sky i was hiding under, as i heard the tare. my hands felt the rain, the rain swam down my arm till i felt it upon my breast. have i forgoten everything i asked myself, have i run so far the opposite way that no traces remain of what once was bliss. i fell down to my knees grateful for the light that entered as i ripped down what was left from the facade of a self imposed exile. I am awake you hear me, awake. have i no right for happiness...

Monday, May 4, 2009

a drop ( warning personal subject matter)

i remember the day clearly, who was in the house, the questions i asked and a feeling as if i had joined a club of some sorts. yet when at the doctors office i leave the space blank where it asks when did you first get your period? that i do not remember. I never liked them, messy always came at the worst time and mine unpredictable since i was never regular but to me that was sometimes a perk since i would often skip months. soon they would come with great discomfort and i could almost not walk we would cover my legs with all the blankets we could find to stop them from aching and sometimes invite the dogs to lay on my legs to calm them. t i would also loose five pounds everytime i got my period so it was always bittersweet. I did not know my body well was not in-tuned with the mechanics and naive to the functions of it, so when we decided to try to have a baby years a go i was naive and thought when we said goodbye to contraception( in our case condoms) i would be instantly pregnant- not- i i soon discovered that it was not easy yet every month i though i was only to discover over and over i was not. even when i would talk to myself and say nadia you are not just wait and see somehow the last few days of every month i would someone believe i was. One weekend while celebrating k. mums birthday with getaway in connecticut i spoke to k and said do you mind if we stopped trying for a while- let me be honest with all of you i had no idea how to get pregnant i just simply though i would have unprotected sex when we wanted and i would be pregnant so in all fairness to all those who tried very hard- i was like i said, naive. so k and i agreed that i could take a break and devote sometime in getting in better shape.

My shop was doing very well, i started exercising like crazy, my favorite was hot yoga loved it( and hated it too) i drank at-least eight espresso a day after all i owned a cafe so that was easy. my body was changing so much i had dropped so much weight, that my breast even started to change in shape. I also would get nausea alot and pull over on the side of the street but i was convince that it was my sensitivity to the new paint on the walls of my cafe. one day while going to hot yoga with a friend only to arrive at class and find out it was cancelled we decided to go to the cafe instead. we sat for an hour chatting and as my friends excused herself to the restroom i felt pain in my belly and as i stood up i discovered blood. I rushed home to tell k. he started to put things together and said honey you skipped your period last month as he kissed me on the cheek with his briefcase in his hand, he walked out the door and i felt abandoned and that very moment i lost what i did not know i had ( a baby) and what i believed i had ( a partner). I had lost a baby, how i did not know i had a baby inside of me would haunt me, a week later i had closed my store, moved out of my house and started a new life, denying anything that came before. i became a full time activist working on any cause but my own.

Somehow a year later k and i made back to each other, sometimes arguing who abandoned who, never to agree. we just decided to move forward. there would never be mention of trying again. when you loose a baby you also loose the want for one, that is what made me the saddest of all. that somehow i had convince myself i did not want a child, even though deep down i knew i was protecting myself (controlling the situation). a few years later k. said while driving, i think of having a baby everyday, those words shocked me, somehow i had replaced my want with nieces, nephews, puppy dogs and career. I told him i would try and we did here and there, but those fears came back and the feeling of loosing a baby came back and i slowly backed away again. that was two years ago.

A few months ago something in me my changed, i was ready more than ever before excited. so k and i shopped for books on easter day, counting calendars, i changed my diet, bought prenatal vitamins( it is funny how you forget everything, when you do your hardest to shut things out) we were ready! we did everything by the book in fact i scared my poor husband one afternoon when i stripped down and said meet me upstairs it's time! where is the romance he exclaimed? then it begun everything seemed different like this time it had worked, i felt it. I visited my doctor who said i want you to take a blood test before you travel cross country to california. i was excited all these events were surely leading to a baby. then a few days later i became a little moody, my body temperature was fluctuating then i slowly sat down and had a conversation with myself " nadia this might not be it and you will probably get your period" i was okay with it, i even shared my fears with k. then there was the blood-work and the new gynecologist. first the blood-work. the new doctor, i told her of our plans and she told me that she wanted me to see a specialist and how she also wanted to do the a procedure at the hospital before my trip, i want to put my hand on her shoulders and whisper in her ear it is all unnecessary i am pregnant. i took everything as a sign i was even starting to think how i would i tell k. i was pregnant. later that afternoon i picked up k and the train and he asked how it went i explained and somehow he misunderstood and said "you are not pregnant then" i snapped and said i did not say that, why did you say that. we proceeded to go home and decided to take the dogs for a walk.

before we left i went to the washroom as i sat there, i heard it, felt it, i stood up and looked into the bowl and there it was a drop, a swirl of my favorite color letting me down. i stood there and realized i did it again inserted me being pregnancy in every plan. how when we had shopped a few days before i had bought a couple shirts a little looser and how i picked up the two fall sweaters holding them up to k and saying these will be good in september for my growing belly. how i had researched if my trip across the country would be good for my pregnancy, how i tried a decaf mocha the other day, how i had gotten the mail and discovered the Rei catalog and circled that baby carrier and wrote for hudson or lucca (baby names) that was how i planned to tell k. he would discover it in the catalog. i was a stupid, stupid girl i had let it slip to my mum the day before that i might be and how we discussed keeping it a secret for eight weeks and she said twelve. how would i tell k now, then i heard a knock on the door "honey are you okay" i realized that what i thought was crying on the inside was me sobbing on the outside..again my eyes stared at the drop and then i said maybe it is the pap smear maybe it just a little scratch so i took some tissue and wiped and there it was a non pregnancy. i am never not pregnant i am always pregnant till i am not that is how it has been for me.unnecessary

the next morning i was woken up by the phone, " hi this dr, meren office all your bloodwork came back negative" she was speaking as if she was talking to an answering machine then " and you are not pregnant" she said in a tone as if she thought i would be relieved to hear it, all i could muster up to say is, yes, yes i know.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the sun and the light

when the sun drowns out the light i discovered i was happy not to know you

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i dreamt of you

you where not sick, not dying. I had a row boat and i was rowing across the country via highway( i know) but dreams have away. I was over protective, i watched you, loved you more than ever before. i was overly protective afraid that you will go, that i would let you go. sometimes you walked on the side of the boat and other times i tucked you between blankets in the boat, i watched you, i was overly protective of you, i was afraid to let you go. you were healthy not dying.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the sounds outside my window

the dark night sky slowly becomes a deep grey. i hear a bird outside in my bittersweet bush singing, one, two, three and then so many it reminds me of a school yard at recess. their singing begins to fade- three, two, one and none, i lay in bed thinking how odd it is and how i have never noticed this silence before. where have they all gone.. suddenly the rain starts tapping on the my window, it all makes sense now. the rain plays a melody and i must confess how i love this sound of the rain almost more than anything. before i know it my eyes begin to close and i am off too dreamland

Friday, April 17, 2009

happiness is

when you are sitting in the dark listening to music that moves you, but not to tears but a childhood giddiness.

happiness is knowing you made it through, through it. that you might have lost somethings on the way but what you have gained can never be taken away, ever!

i am happy and if you could hear my voice and see my face right now you would know it to be true for my heart is singing and it does not sound half bad!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

for my eyes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i sat at the park bench this morning and i saw jacob and porter play before me. tears fell so quickly, i could not stop them from falling. they would have loved this place.

Monday, April 13, 2009

i will hold on to this is one

i will not part with this tear, i feel it there just waiting to roll down my cheek but i can not let it fall i won't. i can not waste one more. see my body is my earth, planet, solarium, i must conserve, protect it, leave it for when it is truly needed. I want my body to bare fruit so you see i can't give you this one that is there right there waiting. i must not, i will not, can not....i must hold on to it..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the everyday

you are happy as he drives and the rain falls
you think to yourself that things are good. nothing extra special
happened today, no big revelation, no birds singing our presents
under a tree. no big declaration of love or deep conversation. no
waltzing in the kitchen or bouts of laughter but love, love for him
for the simplicity that is today

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the blue slip

she took the slip from her dress and wore it as a nightgown, she had not expected to stay here this long but she could not bare to think of her departure. she slept somehow she felt at peace. how was that possible -perhaps all the years of silence, keeping it to herself and that evening in the rain when she let it slip out of her lips and upon his ears, maybe that was how her eyes were able to close. she lay there sleeping for a while till she felt his head resting on her belly " have you been here long" she asked "no " he said. she was thirsty and said she would get a glass of water" let me get it he said" but she went to the kitchen in her deep blue slip, as she went to get a glass it fell and crashed to the floor. she got down on her knees to pick up the pieces..

she felt him behind her " let me get it" as he put is hand on her back "i am so sorry" as she stood up she realized that the glass had also made her walls fall and there in his kitchen she was herself more than she ever had been before. he picked her up and held her and that is where she heard her soul whisper "this is what it is like, love" she felt so light, she was floating all around him did he see her...

what i do not know

i find myself with a paper thin heart today. How we fool ourselves to make things more bearable. yesterday i sat in the chair and i understood, how much i did not care for myself. How much events since my early years and a lot them in between has led me to believe that i had nothing worth keeping, easily disregarded. that on my side it was never greener.

i wrote about peeling the layers, they hurt. But nothing is ugly- yet i can't see myself in the looking glass- to afraid that i will understand what others don't see.

Monday, April 6, 2009


i want to tell you everything. how inside she turned to stone, how violins scare her and pianos too. she wants to tell you that the river of tears is salted and she can't move on.
she floats.

she wants to tell inside she has turned to stone yet the day it happened she was not prepared and now she remains
stuck in tthat moment...