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i moved where my heart had drifted off to long before. i live on a hill of hundred acres, where my dreams have merged with the view. it is quiet from machine noises yet loud with sounds of horses, dogs, cats chickens and ducks. nature is the true artist in resident and i am just her apprentice who often gets lost in her gaze. once and a while i travel back to cities and foreign places to put into photographs what i have learned, yet always, part of my heart is left on the hill..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i dreamt of you

you where not sick, not dying. I had a row boat and i was rowing across the country via highway( i know) but dreams have away. I was over protective, i watched you, loved you more than ever before. i was overly protective afraid that you will go, that i would let you go. sometimes you walked on the side of the boat and other times i tucked you between blankets in the boat, i watched you, i was overly protective of you, i was afraid to let you go. you were healthy not dying.


in another lifetime said...

oh Nadia.....I feel this in my heart.

Claire said...

dreams have the incredible capacity to stir deep within.

ELK said...

the boats ~the verse...both stunning~