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i moved where my heart had drifted off to long before. i live on a hill of hundred acres, where my dreams have merged with the view. it is quiet from machine noises yet loud with sounds of horses, dogs, cats chickens and ducks. nature is the true artist in resident and i am just her apprentice who often gets lost in her gaze. once and a while i travel back to cities and foreign places to put into photographs what i have learned, yet always, part of my heart is left on the hill..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

driving for a cup of salvation

i have been on the road since friday

Friday's rain.....................
landing on the a rock of some shore
i found the perfect spot for a
very special possession....

Saturday's sunshine
Walking underneath a beautiful
sky among the orange, yellow trees,
taking photograph after photograph
feeling good, no i felt great which sent
an alert to the happiness attackers
and they got me, they got me good
drove thru every emotion that
morning every one, my friend

now the afternoon driving
on route 1(coastal)but no sight of
the ocean....what is scenic to me is
not to others....driving quickly not stopping
in hopes to find a place I came across
a few years ago, a simple cafe with breads you can
smell before you even open the door.....will the door
be open or will it be one other thing...to think about

it is open and I sit there with my mocha
and a feeling like something understands
my needs and eager to please....

can a cup of mocha save your spirit
today it has...............

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